Item #018 "Black Bandit" Black Bear

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Product Description
• Black Bear
• “Black Bandit”
• 1:9 Scale, Black Bear
• Hand Painted
• Solid Plastic Figure
• 3 1/2″H x 6″L

Join Hunter Dan as he pursues a huge black bear that he has seen many times over the years. Very few other hunters have ever been lucky enough to even catch a glimpse of the legendary bruin now well known as the “Black Bandit.” Legend has it that ol’ “Black Bandit” has raided more hunting camps than any other bear in North America.

Possessing finely tuned tracking skills and an intimate knowledge of the rugged mountains, Hunter Dan is ready for another encounter with the elusive old bear. YOU can help guide Hunter Dan as he chases the “Black Bandit” through the big woods!

Hunter Dan encourages all of his HUNTIN’ BUDDIES to attend an approved Hunter Education Course before actually going afield.